Ever wondered about the charm of Southern kitchens and how to bring it to your own home? Don’t rush to your Pinterest boards yet, as we have distilled the essence of the South’s unique kitchen style into this article.

The Southern style kitchen is an emerging trend on the East Coast, distinguished by its spaciousness, from the high ceilings to the large islands and built-in features. These kitchens have become more than a place for preparing meals; they’re an integral part of the living space in any home. This charming style marries aesthetics with practicality, creating a space designed for entertaining and daily functionality.

If you’re an East Coaster dreaming of incorporating Southern-style features into your kitchen, then this piece is for you. We’ll be exploring the key elements that make these kitchens an ideal blend of function, spaciousness, and entertainment.

Inviting the Outdoors into Your Kitchen

An outstanding feature of Southern homes, regardless of whether they’re located in sunny Georgia or vast Texas, is the emphasis on windows – specifically, floor-to-ceiling windows. The idea is to bring the beauty and serenity of the outdoors into your indoor living space without stepping out into the sweltering heat. However, remember that these large windows might let in more than just natural light, they could also increase the temperature inside your home.

The Charm of Built-In Features

In many homes, an entertainment center is often a piece of furniture that takes up space. In contrast, Southern homes frequently incorporate built-in shelving into their designs, regardless of whether they’re new constructions or older buildings. This design feature contributes to the smooth flow and organization in these homes, a quality often lacking in homes without built-ins.

Built-in shelves commonly adorn the family room, providing a cohesive look with a TV mounted in the center. Surrounding shelves house carefully chosen decorations, family mementos, and photographs, or an array of a homeowner’s favorite knick-knacks.

The Grandeur of High Ceilings

High ceilings featuring recessed lighting are perhaps the most impressive feature of Southern-style homes. These ceilings offer an airy, majestic look to the space and also serve a practical purpose. High ceilings create a space for the hot air in the house to rise, maintaining a cooler and comfortable living area level. This design is especially beneficial when your kitchen generates heat from cooking, or when sunlight streams in through your windows.

The Versatility of Large Islands

Southern hospitality is all about choice and abundance, so it’s no surprise that large kitchen islands are a staple in these homes. They offer ample space to lay out a variety of dishes when hosting parties, cookouts, or just a family gathering. The island, often accompanied by bar stools, also provides additional seating and serves as a natural transition point from the kitchen to the living area. This design enhances the sense of community, further inviting your loved ones to gather around.

Cool Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is another strategic design element in Southern-style homes. Unlike carpets or wood, tile tends to stay significantly cooler, which is a blessing during the hot summer months. Various materials and types of tile flooring can provide this cooling effect, all contributing to a more comfortable living environment during the scorching July and August heat.

Inviting Southern Comfort into Your Home

If the allure of a Southern-style kitchen appeals to you, reach out to Kitchen Magic at (866) 525-0012. We’d be delighted to help you introduce this warm and inviting kitchen design into your East Coast home.