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Hello, Florida! Dive deep into the ocean of creativity with the latest trends in kitchen remodeling from Adroit Property Solutions

Let’s jump in, shall we?


Melding The Old With The New

Ever thought modern and traditional could coexist? Well, they do, and beautifully so!

Imagine white cabinets glistening with golden handles standing elegantly against a warm wooden kitchen island. And don’t forget the shimmering quartz countertops and backsplash — they’re modern yet cozy.

But, the crown jewel? The metallic stovetop hood. Not too flashy, not too subtle. Just the right touch that our clients fall head over heels for.


Dive Deep into the Blue

Pops of blue in the kitchen? Count us in! Whether it’s a splashy blue island or artsy cabinets, blue is the buzz.

Our clients opted for a fabulous blue subway tile backsplash. The star? A quirky pattern right above the stove range — impossible to miss and oh-so-striking. Of course, the white cabinetry and countertops further accentuate this blue beauty.


An Outdoor Affair: Embrace Nature’s Charm

Warm wooden ceilings? Check. Floating shelves and seats? Check. A wall that’s nothing short of an art piece? Double check! That natural stone accent wall is the heart of this kitchen. It’s rustic and textured and pairs dreamily with rich wood and sleek black hardware.


Green Envy: A Fresh Two-Tone Spin

Have you met the dazzling new member of the kitchen palette family? It’s green! And by the looks of this jaw-dropping kitchen transformation, it’s here to stay.

This features cabinets that flirt with light sage and pristine white. Add to that a sprinkle of golden handles, a dash of backsplash shimmer, crystalline pendant lights, and a nostalgic apron sink — voilà, a masterpiece.


The Charm of Subtle Neutrals

Sometimes, less is more, like in this space where a distinct backsplash is a heroine in a room bathed in neutrals.

What’s not visible? An ingenious multi-use space. Think storage galore, a seamless built-in office, and a chic bar nook.


Ready to Cook Up Some Magic?

Are we dreaming about that kitchen remodeling? We’re all ears! Chat with our design specialists at Adroit Property Solutions. And guess what? First-time consultations? On the house!

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